SpiruSource Fresh Spirulina

SpiruSource FrozenFresh Frozen (Raw) Spirulina 

32 cups (16 oz) in a standing freezer pouch. 1/2 oz each single portion recyclable polypropylene cups.

Pop single servings into any fresh drinks, juice or water, let melt and stir. Or blend with fruits and veges for a green superfood smoothie. Fresh spirulina has almost no taste. Melt single serving in spreads and dips like guacamole, hummus and tahini, for a very dark green super dip without changing the original flavor.

Pickup in Berkeley CA: Order and pay online and pickup SpiruSource Frozen Spirulina.

Outback in the Temple of Venus, 1799A Fourth St (@Delaware), Berkeley CA 94710. Hours 11 am – 6 pm.

Packaging and UPS Shipping:  Pay online for product, packaging and UPS shipping. Three (3) frozen pouches of 32 half oz cups (total of 96 cups/3 lb) are tightly packed with frozen cold packs in a special foam insulated shipping kit 8″x6″x9″.  Shipped on Monday or Tuesday to arrive the next day. You will receive email confirmations from UPS upon shipment and delivery.

Deliver by UPS GROUND: For Northern California zip codes beginning with 936 – 959.

We ship by UPS Ground for $90 + $30 packaging and UPS ground shipping cost.

Deliver by UPS NEXT DAY: For all other locations in the continental US.

We ship by UPS Next Day Air for $90 + $60 packaging and UPS next day air shipping cost.

SpiruSource DryLow Temperature Dehydrated Spirulina (Currently out of stock):

Grown in our greenhouse microfarm in Half Moon Bay California.
Carefully dehydrated at 40°C / 104°F. Milder tasting than conventional spray dried powder.
Easy to take with you anywhere. Packaged in a sealed standing pouch. Two versions:
Crunchies (100g / 3.5 oz). Tasty for snacking or sprinkle on soups or salads.
Powder (100g / 3.5 oz). Add to a blender for a green superfood smoothie.
We mail by USPS flat rate priority mail any quantity, anywhere in the US for $6.65.